What happened to respect?

What happened to respect?

Well 2 things happened in the city I live in this week.
Today I will talk about the first one and tomorrow the second one (this one is done every week)
The first was a protest to a cause that is very controversial.
Now I believe everyone has the right to their opinion if it does not harm anyone or any animal.
I do not believe that just because you have a good cause that you have the right to subject others to pain or obscene pictures.
On my way to work one day, I saw protesters, (not something you see often here).
At first I thought good for them standing up for what they believe in.
2 Seconds later was looking up the police phone number.
I could not believe my eyes.
There on both sides Niagara Street were four pictures being held up 2 facing one way and 2 the other, for all to see–anyone in a car or walking.
Now if you live in Welland and are going north out of town, or to the Seaway Mall to shop with the kids, or even Walmart, you had to pass these pictures.

to continue click >What happened to respect?.


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