Respect and cars

Sorry but was so busy yesterday that ran out of time to post.

To continue on the theme of my last post, Respect.

Now where I live is on the outskirts of town.

We have a problem with people gunning the car and even racing down our street.

People do not use signals or show any respect to those walking or even driving in this area.

This seems to be a problem everywhere, drivers not thinking of others on the road, but I swear it is really bad here in Welland.  People going through red lights, actually pulling in the intersection just as it is turning red so the can turn.  Accident waiting to happen.  What is the rush anyways???

I can go on forever telling you about what I have witnessed cars doing in this town, surprised that we don’t win the worst drivers in the country award!


I am really scared what will happen when they open the turnabout here, yes you heard me, turnabout.

to continue reading click:  Respect and cars.



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