What future will you have?

Where does the time go?
It seems like I am always doing something.
The one good thing is that can’t get bored.
The bad thing is that there seems like there is not enough time to do everything!
The little time I do take to watch the news with my coffee is becoming depressing.
Hit & runs, drinking & driving, abuse, chemical warfare and so much more.
Makes you not want to leave the house!
Or watch the news!
Mondays are the worst.
I try not to watch the news on Saturday and Sunday (give myself a break) but come Monday morning, Wham! It hits me, and than I wonder why I even bother watching the news.
But can not stop myself though, I need to know what is going on, even if it is scary.
They wonder why people are afraid to leave the house.
Just watch your local news for a while.
If that doesn’t help you understand, watch some of the news from the USA, with cable and satellite so common now you can watch their news, that will really scare you.
I here people complain that the news on these US stations are mostly local to them.  They even say things like that do not happen up here.
Problem is we can watch local news here where I live and still not be getting the real news.
Much is hidden from us.  They don’t want people thinking that this is not a nice place to live.
Most don’t have jobs, barely feeding themselves and paying bills and rent.
Some can not even do that.
Grown adults moving in with their parents because alone they can not survive.
Young people’s goals were to go to school and college than move out on their own.
Not here, for them to move on their own they need a job.
Most jobs in the area are part time and pay low wages.
Sure there are some good jobs, but you need experience to go with schooling, and for some of the jobs you actually have to pay for the privilege to apply!
Most have to look out of town.

If they don’t go to college they have to stay here, with little hope of getting a good wage……….  

To read more click:  What future will you have?.


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