As I have told you the are doing the stairwells in our building, both at the same time.
Today is the 4th day the stairwells have been blocked off (wonder if they will be blocked until Tuesday?  Will find out tomorrow since there will be no one working on stairwell Sunday).
And Sunday is the first, so people will be moving Saturday and Sunday. 
That would be terrible if no one can not use the stairs.
Was going to post yesterday, wish I did.
The fire alarm went off in the early afternoon.
The first thing I did was check the hall.
No fire.
Looked outside saw no smoke, or anyone out side. 
So did not leave my apartment for reason I will not state now because it will reveal who I am.
I truly thought that it was not a real fire (turns out that part is true).
All I was hoping was that no one pulled the alarm trying to prove a point.
Turns out that is not what happened.
Before I tell you what happened, I have to tell you about a conversation I had a few hours later, 
I went out, while I was out saw a neighbor.
Started talking with this person and asked about the fire alarm.
This person was so upset, they were scared.
They did not know what to do.
They were scared because there was a chance of there being a real fire
and they did not know if the new management who needed help to leave the building.
It was hot and they had no air conditioning so they had to dress when the alarm went off.
Than they waited.
This person is in a wheel chair.
After about 15 mins the alarm stopped.
That is when they realized there was no fire (when it stopped I also realized there was no fire).  to read more click the link:

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