Why do people Believe…..

things that just do not make sense?

Everyday I see things that don’t make sense in anyway or form.
Today a friend gave me an article from our local paper.
This is not the first one she has given me on this subject.
We are so focused on all the one on one violence that we forget to pay attention the bigger things.
I watch the news everyday and do research on the internet and even I didn’t realize just how bad things are getting.  (I knew it was bad just for some reason was not focused on groups of people)
I am so focused on what people do to each other and our planet that I skipped a very disturbing trend.
Now I believe that everyone has the right to worship as they believe.
But this worship should not harm, through cruelty or death, another soul, being and / or any living thing.
I can not explain this you have to read it!
Hope they do not mind but will post it here, it was taken from the Welland Tribune.

to read more click:  Why do people Believe…...


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