Stairwells still can not be used!

Before I start I want to show you something.I got this from the new owners website,,
right on the Main Page, the first line reads:
 “At Skyline, we put our residents and investors first.
For some reason do not believe that.
Than precedes to say
We strive to offer our residents great value and an unmatched tenant experience while you call one of our apartment buildings “home”.
Home?  Not to many here feel at home anymore.
Atleast twice a day I check rooms etc for bugs (ants mostly, others are easy to spot)
and every time I lay down I wonder if they did anything about the bed bugs from the other floor, I know of tenants who also check their beds daily to be sure, but some times I think I should check bed before going to sleep, not when making it!
It is funny but I have not heard one word from the new owners on the subject of the ants (any insect),
denial or confirmation anything.
Home is also supposed to be comfortable and safe.
Many here are afraid to do or say anything to the management.
Either because of past experience or from what the have witnessed or heard.They are afraid to lose their home.
Some can not afford to move.
They do not even want to phone them because they don’t know if they are allowed to complain about even noise or fighting, some said that they were told that is not management’s problem.
Don’t people move into apartments so they have someone to turn to when they need help?

Also if you go to their About Us page you will see that they do not mention tenants at all,
they are a business based on making money!
Check it this link:  Skyline Core Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values.
Read their Core Purpose
We exist to surface value in Real Estate.
By the time I go to the bottom and read their values,
I almost laughed.
It says:

We are practical, driven, efficient, reliable and respectful.  
We act this integrity and have pride in ownership. 
Does that sound like a company that also deals with humans, the tenants?
They come in and treat is like we do not matter, or that we do not exist.
click here to read more

Stairwells still can not be used!.


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