Life Is Above All: God? Good Parenting?

Well I think I cut this down enough.  It was way to long, like a small book!

Really once I start, sometimes I just can not stop. LOL

Today’s topic is God, a good parent?  As I have said I have a problem with believing in a God.  I do believe we may have had a Creator, but not the one that created the universe, or existence of life, planets and the stars etc.

Now many believe that everything that exists was created by God, including us.  Now normally that would sound like a good thing but because of this belief people do unspeakable things to their fellow humans in the name of their God, including killing other humans.

Since we were little, we have been taught to honor our father and mother, even one of the 10 Commandments says this.  Just as we been taught to respect and listen to our parents, we have been taught (whether you believe in God or not) that we are God’s Children.  continue click:  Life Is Above All: God? Good Parenting?.


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