It has been awhile!

Sorry it has been awhile since I have written here.
I have been very busy and finding it hard to keep up with work and blogs.
Things are finally slowing down (hopefully) and I am working on combining my blogs so that access can be made all from one main site.  It is a work in progress so please bare with me.
Another problem is that when I write I don’t want to write angry.
Many things I have been seeing lately test me.
I do not understand some of the things people are getting away with, I don’t even understand how they do what they do and how so many people just don’t care what these people are doing.
You would think with the way the world is connected today that people would behave better.
Not true, I sometimes think it is making things worse.
You would think that the countries around the world would realize that what ever they do can’t be hidden, swept under a rug anymore.
With people supposedly more “aware” that bullying, rape, violence would be less.
But sadly no.
When the news and the people’s focus is on nonsense like the latest star to get arrested for acting like an idiot, or politicians who can’t tell the truth and believe that getting high and threatening people are okay because they were drunk, know wonder our world is falling apart.

I understand the second chance thing but come on what kind of example are these people showing the world?  To read more click:  It has been awhile!.


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