Why do people support the Olympics?


I find this is a fair question.
I was truly upset to hear about the human rights findings and the way the Russians treated the peoples that worked to help build the Olympic buildings etc.
Than a few days ago found out about the stray dogs and how they have been killing them because they are strays using things like poison meats and guns.
I actually wrote a blog post on my other blog “For the Love of Life!” about this.
Since before I wrote it there was something bothering me
about the way the workers were being treated in Sochi.
Than I heard about the dogs and it slipped my mind.
When I was talking with a neighbor about the dogs,
I was surprised to hear her stand up for killing them the way they were.
I was shocked.
Than I realized that she believed the propaganda about the dogs being a danger
to the sporting events such as skiing.
I didn’t even know what to say to her.
I could not believe she thought a dog could be a threat to the skiers.

To read more click:Why do people support the Olympics?.


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