How much is one human life worth? $12?


Was not sure where I should post this.
Decided here would work.
Please bare with me, I broke my glasses so I may miss spelling errors (or chose the wrong word to fix, great app but not when you have trouble seeing LOL). 
Anyways, lately we have been hearing about many accidents, plane gone missing, ferry tipping over, bombs going off, natural disasters… you get the picture.
Today saw something that tore my heart out.
Worse is that today was the first I have heard of it.
It is acts and thinking like this that is destroying our world.
As long as people treat others as possessions, things to be sold, raped or killed, 
our world has no chance.
If we turn away from these acts, 
ignore them,
they will keep happening.
 How many young people do we need to lose before
the world opens their eyes?
Stands up and makes these people accountable?
I don’t understand why this was not all over the news when it happened.

To read more please click:  How much is one human life worth? $12?.


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